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Making a Memorable Wedding Day – UK Wedding Savings Blog

Making a Memorable Wedding Day – UK Wedding Savings Blog

Your wedding day is something you will treasure the memories of forever. It’s is after all the day you married the love of your life. But it’s just as important for you to make it a memorable event for your guests too. You want the memories of your wedding to stand out and feel unique when compared to others. This can be quite challenging now that couples are going above and beyond to make a statement on their big day. To give you some fantastic ideas and inspiration, look at the following ways to make your wedding a day to remember.

Provide Outdoor Fun

memorable1If you are planning an outdoor wedding, try to include plenty of outdoor entertainment for your guests to enjoy. This will help them pass the time in between the ceremony and reception while also boosting the fun factor. You could hire out a funfair, create lawn games or add an outdoor dance floor. Tee-pee tents, food trucks and outdoor cinema screens could also be fun additions you might consider adding. Having these included will encourage your guests to interact with each other and get more involved with the celebrations. Not only will they be great for the adults to use, but will also keep any children you have invited entertained too. Whatever activities you decide to use, they are bound to help your guests enjoy your wedding to it’s fullest.

Let your guests be photographers

memorable2Guest interaction is something that all the most memorable weddings do successfully. The easiest way of doing this at your own wedding is by giving your guests cameras. These can be placed on tables or given to them as they enter your reception venue. Encourage them to have fun and take plenty of photographs. If you use Polaroid cameras, these could provide beautiful keepsakes that your guests can take home with them. You could add a pinboard to your venue where your guests can pin up their photos too. A photo booth with a backdrop and props are also an excellent way to create amazing wedding photos. These fun and natural shots will make great additions to your wedding album next to your professional photographs.

Have an unusual guest book

Guest books are a great way of looking back on all of your memories from your special day. But they don’t necessarily have to be books. To help you wedding day be more memorable, you should think outside the box with your guestbook. You could get your guests to sign a globe or vintage postcards. Having a framed illustration created of you and your partner and getting your guest to sign the glass is another wonderful idea. Asking your guests to draw pictures instead of writing messages could also be a fun alternative. Your guests will find it hard to forget signing such a unique item and you can display it proudly in your home.

The more effective way of making your big day a memorable event is by making it fun and personal. Incorporate yours style, personality, and interests into every aspect of your wedding. That way you’re bound to create a day that is enjoyed by all.

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