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Your Essential Wedding Checklist – UK Wedding Savings Blog

Your Essential Wedding Checklist – UK Wedding Savings Blog

Your wedding day is going to be one of the biggest days of your life. Not only will it be the most exciting, it’ll likely be the most stressful. You have one huge party to plan for your relatives and close friends. It should represent you both as a couple, and you need to make sure that everybody is having fun. So many different things go into even the smallest wedding. You have the food to think about, the music, drinks, the cake, favors…the list goes on. That’s why a wedding checklist can help you to get everything done, and stop your head from feeling too clogged up.

Remember Meetings With Vendors

A checklist will help you to remember meetings with vendors. The vendors are some of the most important people to your wedding, and will help you to have a great time. You need to ensure you’ve found the right ones, and that you’re all in sync.

Get Things Done With Plenty Of Time To Spare

A checklist will also help you to get things done with plenty of time to spare. Some things need to be done in advance, while others can be left a little later. You’ll spread everything out this way so it seems less daunting.

Don’t Forget Anything Important

There are so many things to remember on a day as important as this. A checklist will ensure you have everything possible covered.

Plan Your Budget Accordingly

Planning your budget accordingly is also crucial to making sure you have the best day without going into debt. Weddings are expensive, so being able to plan your budget and spread the cost is a must. A checklist can help you to remember how much you’ve paid already, the deposits you’ve yet to put down, and how much you owe. Many vendors will allow you to spread the cost with them, and a checklist can help you to keep track.


Example Of A Wedding Checklist

  • 12 months before
  • Book your venue and ceremony location
  • Research the services you’ll want, e.g. hair and makeup, floristry, photographers, etc
  • Look for your wedding dress

8-10 months before

  • Book a band or DJ
  • Book your honeymoon
  • Research accommodation for guests
  • Order your wedding cake

6-8 months before

  • Plan your honeymoon
  • Plan the hen and stag parties
  • Choose wedding party outfits
  • Organise invitations
  • Organise wedding transport

4-6 months before

  • Organise travel vaccinations if necessary
  • Decide on prayers and music if marrying in a church

2-3 months before

  • Send out invitations
  • Order rings
  • Organise gifts
  • Have a hair and makeup trial

4 weeks before

  • Have your final wedding dress fitting
  • Makelast minute adjustments and confirmations with suppliers

2 weeks before

  • Give your photographer the ‘must have’ shots list
  • Call guests who haven’t RSVP’d yet

1 week before

  • Create a table plan
  • Pack an overnight bag and a bag for the honeymoon
  • Do a dress rehearsal
  • Create a timetable for the day

A few days before

  • Have your nails done, hair removal, and other beauty treatments
  • Confirm pick up times with transport companies
  • Get plenty of sleep

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