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Halloween Themed Weddings – UK Wedding Savings Blog

Halloween Themed Weddings – UK Wedding Savings Blog

If you and your other half consider yourselves to be more Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas than Prince William and Princess Catherine, a Halloween inspired wedding could be your dream come true. Here are a few things you could incorporate, and some ideas to inspire you:

Choose the Perfect Halloween Colour Scheme

You have lots of choice when it comes to Halloween colour schemes. You could incorporate lots of rich colours, such as plum and blood red. Make sure you have lots of spooky black too! Rich colours will not only suit the Halloween theme, they’ll also make your wedding look more glamorous.

Mysterious Materials and Accessories

The materials you use in your wedding are going to make people understand the theme more too. Things like rich velvet materials and black candles are going to make the world of difference when it comes to creating your theme. You can even use old looking silver goblets for people to drink from. You can have lots of fun with the smaller details, such as the ring boxes. Why not go for a coffin shaped box?

Get Creative with your Look

Although you probably don’t want to do fancy dress for your wedding, you can still get creative with your look. Why not have a dress in an untraditional colour? You could have a black, purple, or red dress. If you don’t want to stray too far from white, you could go for grey. You can even add pretty antique details in the form of brooches and hair pins. If you’d still like a white dress, you can use different accessories to communicate the Halloween theme. If you’re wearing makeup, go slightly more dramatic for the Halloween theme. Consider wearing a slightly darker lipstick, or play up your eyes a little more. Your bouquet could be a statement bouquet, filled with red and orange flowers. You could even add fine details, such as small plastic skulls in between the stems!

Centrepieces and Chandeliers

halloween1Chandeliers are going to help you communicate your theme perfectly, so consider hanging them where you can. Then you have your centrepieces to think about. Red and black flowers, as well as things like feathers, will help you to create the perfect look for your tables. If you want to use pumpkin in your centrepieces, you could paint them white or black for a sleek look. Then you just need to add your flowers!

Opt for Classical Halloween Music

Instead of playing the Monster Mash, why not have an organist play something classical? This will keep your ceremony classy while providing the haunting music you need for your theme.

Create your own Signature Cocktail

How much fun does creating your own signature cocktail sound? You can make it a spooky colour like acid green, and rim the glass with black sugar or use black glasses. Get creative and make sure the presentation is amazing too!

halloween2Use Pumpkin in your Menu

You might like to have scary looking food for your wedding day, but you don’t need to go that far. You can still have Halloween style food and elegance at the same time. Why not infuse some dishes with pumpkin and pumpkin seeds?

A Halloween wedding could be so much fun, and is perfect for a unique couple!

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