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Wedding Marquee Hire in the UK

Wedding Marquee Hire in the UK

As the summer of 2013 has shown, the weather in the UK can often be completely surprising. We had snow in the first week of April, but July brought a heat wave with days reaching thirty degree Celsius and warm nights. It can be almost impossible to plan your wedding around our unpredictable weather, so how about this for a way to get around the changeability: an outdoor wedding venue such as a wedding marquees.

Marquee set up for event

A marquee wedding allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, set in gorgeous parkland or picturesque gardens. But you will also get the benefit of heating to keep you warm or even protection from rain if the weather does not quite follow your plans. Marquee weddings are especially great for those of you that are thinking about having a theme such as festival, or a resplendent Regency party.

Outdoor wedding venues in the UK can often raise some questions. What do you do for lighting when your wedding celebrations continue on into the night? Fairy Lights always add a Romantic feel to your Wedding evening.

Let me tell you about an amazing wedding that I went to a couple of years ago that has demonstrated to me just how perfect a marquee wedding in the UK can be. My friend had her wedding ceremony itself at a picture-perfect village church, with bells rung and hymns sung. And what a celebration it was!

After the church we drove up to the gates of a magnificent stately home, but as the wedding was in June, I was secretly hoping that we were going to have the wedding in a marquee venue. I did not want to be stifled indoors while the cool of the evening happened outside the windows. But I was not disappointed – the grand house had outstanding gardens surrounding the west side of the house, where we would soon watch an amazing sunset. And on that lawn, was a marquee.

The marquee could seat over a hundred people for a sit down dinner. It had chandeliers, and fairy lights all around the edges. There was a dance floor and a stage set for a singer. The caterers were housed in a section of the marquee to the side, bringing us hot food almost seconds after it was ready. It was absolutely incredible what they had been able to do inside such a simple structure.

Marquee Wedding

Marquees are special in the wedding reception realm because they can be so easily personalised, and therefore matched to your budget. You cannot do that with a stately home! If there is a particular venue that you have fallen in love with, but can’t afford, why don’t you ask them about hiring a marquee and placing it in their grounds? You will have the benefit of the beauty for your pictures and your guests, but not the inconvenience of emptying your pockets.

Convinced you? If you are serious about having a marquee wedding and/or reception, then make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. When talking to providers of marquees for hire, make sure you are not afraid about asking the important questions. Ask about arrangements for heating, especially if you are having a winter wedding. Try and get the marquee provider talking to your caterer – and what’s more, check with your caterer that they are happy to work within a marquee. When booking your venue, check with them about facilities for toilets and baby changing. You want your wedding to be all about comfort, for both you and your guests, so do not forget all those little extras that will make everything go smoothly.

Marquee weddings can often be the most dramatic and unique day of your life. So what are you waiting for – start planning that wedding!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of wedding marquee hire?
It all depends upon the size of the marquee you require, how many people it will be required to hold. The great thing about wedding marquees is that they come in many different sizes, some can hold up to 1000 people.

What is the best way to find a wedding marquee hire company?
Firstly you should speak to the wedding venue your using as they can sometimes recommend marquee hire companies. If that proves unsuccessful you can always just search the internet for a company, but remember to always look for testimonials or recommendations.

Do you recommend any wedding marquee hire companies?
Please call the office for details. We may have some marquee companies in your area that we can recommend. Its worth a try.

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