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What Wedding Vows to Choose – UK Wedding Savings Blog

What Wedding Vows to Choose – UK Wedding Savings Blog

Wedding vows are something that you will say to your partner before you say I do. They are designed to show your love for your partner, why you are choosing to marry them and what you promise to bring to the relationship. Wedding vows have been around for decades and most recently people have become more inclined to write their own. As such, there are numerous possibilities to choose from when selecting the wedding vows you will say on the big day.

Traditional Vows

vows1Your first choice is the traditional vows. These will be provided if you get married in a church and you probably know them or the basic gist. In sickness and health, till death do us part etc…You can say these vows along with vows you have written. Or, you can leave your vows as this declaration that has been spoken before you by millions.

You must be aware that certain venues will not permit you to speak religious vows during the ceremony. Nor will they allow you to present religious readings as part of your vows. This is something to consider if you do not get married in a church.

A Vow Of Qualities

You can create your vows as a qualities pledge. This vow is a list of everything you love about someone and why you want to marry them. It might include things such as “you have the warmest heart” or “the most beautiful eyes.” This vow can be quite awkward, mainly because you will be listing why you want to be with a person. They may suddenly realize that this is how you see them. For instance, if you list only physical qualities your partner might believe you to be quite superficial. On the other hand, if you only list personality traits they may think you have no interest in them physically. Thus, you should aim for a happy medium between the two.

vows2A Vow To Them

Alternatively, you may want to consider writing a vow as a promise. A declaration of what you will give your partner through marriage. You can promise to love and cherish them forever or always to stand beside them. You may want to mention examples of how you have supported them in the past and how you will continue to do so. This may provide the chance for you to show how you see the future of the relationship. What you role you expect to play and what role you expect them to play.

A Vow Of Memories

You could write a vow that is based on memories you have together and that you hold. These memories could reflect why you know they are the one and what makes them so special. Or, what makes the two of you work as a partnership. If you’re aiming to make your partner cry, this is a great way to do it. Take them on a trip down memory lane, looking at the past as you prepare for the future.

These are some of your choices when deciding your vows. Remember, if you write them from the heart, they will sound like poetry, no matter what words you choose.

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