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Cheap Wedding Venues and Deals in Worcestershire

Wedding Venues in Worcestershire

Famous for its tasty sauce, the county of Worcestershire is quite a small region of the UK. Don’t let its size fool you, though, this area has an awful lot to offer by way of wedding venues. The county has a rich and intricate history and luckily for you, many of its historic buildings still stand today. If you are hoping to host a traditional style wedding, you can’t go far wrong with wedding venues in Worcestershire. From rather lavish hotels to grand stately homes, there is no end of fine options from which you may wish to choose.

Manors and Halls
As we mentioned before, the area is famous for some awe-inspiring buildings, which is why it is ideal for weddings. If you are looking for a destination to impress people, you should certainly opt for one of the many manors and halls in the region. These places just ooze luxury, which is part of the reason so many couples choose them. You can hire out an entire house or just a hall, instead. Stunning staircases, regal furnishings and beautiful decor make up these grand buildings. Of course, if you wish to hire one of these amazing venues, you should book well in advance. The halls in the district tend to be wildly popular with wedding couples, who adore a luxurious lifestyle.

Contemporary Converted Barns
If a manor house does not tickle your fancy, there is yet more that is region has to offer. If you happen to love the good life, you might want to look at the array of converted barns the area has available. In fact, one wedding venue Worcestershire has an astounding five acres of land surrounding it. That means that there is plenty of space to enjoy this fantastic venue. In recent years, barn conversions have become more and more popular here in the UK. The fact that they boast such spacious and unique venues means that they are a favourite with wedding parties. If you want to host an event that is truly at one with nature, this might just be the venue for you.

Modern Hotels
Of course, not all brides want a traditional style event. Some people favour ultra modern set-ups, such as ones in contemporary hotels. If you decide to choose a Worcestershire wedding venue, you are sure to find an ideal hotel for your reception. From rather breathtaking towers to cute and cosy hotels, there are many different styles of hotel in this region. If you plan to host a low-key event, you could consider a small country pub, which also doubles as a hotel. For a reasonable fee, you can hire the entire venue for one or two nights. That means that you and your party can have a private celebration in the heart of the British countryside. This type of VIP treatment is simply priceless.

There is no doubt that planning your wedding day can be a trial. Once you find the right venue, though, you will see that everything else falls into place as if by magic.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want our wedding in a Barn; are there any barn wedding venues in Worcestershire?
Yes, Worcestershire is slightly famous for their array of converted barns. Please call us and let us know of any barn wedding venues in Worcestershire that you like.

Are wedding venues in Worcestershire expensive and can you secure us a cheap wedding package deal?
Yes, that is why we are called UK Wedding Savings! Call us today to let us know of your budget and we shall inform you of the wedding package deals in Worcestershire we have available.

Do you have any wedding venues in Worcestershire that can accommodate for a large number of guests?
Please call us to let us know a rough number of guests and your chosen wedding venues and we shall inform you of their capacity.