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Wedding Venues in Staffordshire

In the heart of the West Midlands, you will find the desirable county of Staffordshire. Over the years, this region has become more and more popular. Every single year, hundreds of couples decide to host the most magical day of their life here. No matter what your tastes are, the county is sure to have something to please you. From cathedral based weddings to chic restaurant soirees, there will be something for you. This historic county is one of the most sought after in the UK. It’s only natural that you’d want to browse what it has to offer.

Castles and Country Homes
Of course, one of the greatest things about this area is the fact that there is so much countryside here. If you want to have an elegant, rural wedding reception, you can choose from an array of places. There are large country halls here, which look fantastic and make perfect venues. Imagine yourself descending an epic stairway to the lobby of a massive country house. What better way to start your wedding day? Aside from that, there is also a whole load of country houses in the area. If you take a look at some of these houses, you will find one you just adore.

Cathedral Weddings
From Lichfield to Stafford, there are loads of towns that boast beautiful cathedrals. If you want a traditional wedding ceremony, you might want to choose one of these venues. From historic buildings to modern places of worship, there will be somewhere you love. Take a look at what each of the tiny farming towns has to offer. Here, you can find a whole lot more than you may expect. Any wedding venue Staffordshire has to offer is as diverse as it is desirable. It is worth taking a look at what this region has to offer before you decide.

Incredible Gardens
In the countryside, there are, of course, many stately homes from which you can choose. Other than that, though, you can also see some of the most delectable gardens in the world. It may surprise you to learn that some of these gardens make for the best wedding settings. Many of the curators will allow you to hire out an entire garden space for your wedding day. If you are hoping for a summer wedding, this idea might be the one for you.

Waterside Venues
You might wonder where the waterside venues are in Staffordshire. After all, the country is by no means coastal, and the sea is miles away. Well, the regions has many canals, which means that there are loads of chic waterside venues. From quaint public houses to massive hotels, there are many venues next to these canals. You and your partner can take a long, romantic stroll up the canal after you’ve uttered your vows.

Book now and enjoy a special day!
Each wedding venue Staffordshire boasts is always popular. If you want to ensure that you secure a booking, it is best to plan your special day well in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hotel wedding venues in Staffordshire?
Yes there are many hotel wedding venues across Staffordshire. If we do not have the one on our website that you like, then please call us to discuss and we will be happy to approach the wedding venue in Staffordshire for you.

Can we take our own DJ to a wedding venue in Staffordshire?
Yes most wedding venues in Staffordshire will let you take your own DJ, they will also provide recommendations.

Do you any of the wedding venues in Staffordshire have outside space for a marquee?
There are many wedding venues that will already have a marquee on site for hire, but at an additional cost.