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Wedding Venues Middlesex, Cheap Wedding Deals Middlesex

Wedding Venues in Middlesex

Just on the outskirts of London, Middlesex is popular with city-slicking couples. If you want a venue that boasts a whole load of action, you are sure to find it in this lively and exciting area. Technically, the county no longer exists – it is now part of Greater London. Here, you will find a range of contemporary places, that could suit your plans. Planning a wedding is never an easy task, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Once you find an astounding venue, you will find that sorting out the extra details is easier than you think. So, why are you waiting? Let’s take a look at some of the breathtaking places in this fabulous region.

Riverside Venues
As you may already know, the River Lea and Thames are both near this county. That means that there are a few venues that side comfortably on the side of the rivers. In fact, in this rather scenic area, there is an array of country pubs, which overlook the water. Imagine taking to the river on a boat after your wedding reception. There is nothing more luxurious than a summer’s boat ride, which is why it could be ideal for your wedding. Many wedding venues in Middlesex offer a boat service as part of a package deal, which is well worth getting. You should ask your wedding planner whether this quirky little extra is available for your wedding party.

Museums and Galleries
If you don’t fancy having a traditional wedding, you might want to opt for a cultural venue, instead. Why not see whether you can hire one of the many museums and art galleries in the region? Most of these arty places, happen to have rather exquisite halls where you can host your reception. You can also have a tour of the venue for your wedding party, which is a fun and original activity for your guests. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular for couples to host their special day in bizarre venues. If you want to have a lavish reception, this option might be right for you.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces
If you struggle to find a standard wedding venue Middlesex, why not host your event in one of the many beautiful outdoor spaces here? Some of the local parks allow you to hire a space for the day, which means that you can have a stunning rural event. Imagine yourself uttering your vows while standing on a bandstand in front of all your guests. If the weather is glorious, this idea is truly one to consider. You should, of course, have a backup plan if you hope to host an outdoor event.

Middlesex wedding venues are as varied as they are beautiful. If you hope to host your special day here, you should certainly take a look at the wide variety of places you can hire. The area is just a stone’s throw away from London, which makes it the perfect choice for young urbanites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wedding venues in Middlesex have areas for wedding photography to be taken?
Our wedding venues in Middlesex all have a variety of locations providing stunning backdrops for your photos of your big day.

Do the wedding venues in Middlesex provide microphones for speeches?
Most wedding venues do supply a microphone for wedding speeches via their PA system. Alternatively you can provide your own.

Do wedding venues in Middlesex provide a room where you are able to temporarily store wedding presents?
Most Middlesex wedding venues are able to arrange an area in the reception room where presents can be stored but please ensure you have appropriate insurance in place to cover all aspects of your wedding.