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As the last remaining piece of the lost Royal Palace of Whitehall, Banqueting House weddings transport you back to an era of lavish feasts and awe inspiring London surroundings. The venue comprises a huge ballroom with an astonishingly beautiful ceiling and a vaulted Undercroft below. The two spaces are connected by a majestic staircase that can be adorned with flowers and flickering candles.


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  • Elizabeth Fearnley
    Elizabeth Fearnley
    3 weeks ago

    I visited the Banqueting House as part of London's Open House event. It is a beautiful place well worth a visit.

  • Simon Drury
    Simon Drury
    a year ago

    Designed by Inigo Jones this was part of the Palace of Whitehall when it was completed in 1622. The rest of the palace burned down in 1698 and was never rebuilt. King Charles I was executed outside here in 1649.

  • Katherine Peters
    Katherine Peters
    a year ago

    Lovely building with a very relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a wet day. Lots of interesting history. My children, aged 10 and 6, learnt so much and they enjoyed the trail. Staff are very friendly. We settled down on a giant beanbag with an audio guide and listened to the history of this great building.

  • Superjules
    8 months ago

    Probably a great please to banquet

  • David Vardy
    David Vardy
    a year ago

    It costs £7 to view the one room. Given that, the ceiling is fantastic. There is plenty of seating around the edge of the room and several bean bags in the middle to allowing viewing from a more horizontal position. There is a video room on the ground floor so don't miss the potted history,which is fascinating. There is also a free audio guide.

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