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Wedding Venue in Oxfordshire

There is something quite magical about the county of Oxfordshire. The region is home to some incredible countryside as well as 1,500 listed historic buildings. Aside from these wonderful aspects, the county also has a range of contemporary buildings. These two opposing features of the area, work to create one of the most glorious places in the UK. If you are in the midst of planning your dream wedding, you simply must take a look at some of the beautiful venues here. No matter what your taste, style or budget is, there is sure to be a place for you in this gorgeous English hub.

The City of Oxford
The centre of Oxford is one of the most traditional looking cities in the UK. With its looming red brick buildings and beautiful cobbled streets, the town centre is a sight to behold. Poet, Matthew Arnold, called this city the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’. It is no wonder that he gave it such high praise; the city boasts many points of pure architectural beauty. Thus, it is the perfect place to host a stunning wedding reception. Wedding venues in Oxfordshire range in price and style, and so it is well worth visiting a few different places before you settle. Many of the listed buildings here also offer wedding services, which only increases your wide array of choices.

Quirky Inns and Houses
If you fancy something a little out of the ordinary, you might want to hire one of the many inns or houses around the city centre. The city has a wealth of countryside around it, which means that you are never short of options. There, you will find plenty of places that you might just love. One such wedding venue Oxfordshire is rather unique, and thus massively popular with couples. If you happen to be an Alice in Wonderland fan, it might interest you to know that Lewis Carroll himself frequented this venue. With a thatched roof, weeping willow trees and even traditional street lamps, the venue is ideal for a small wedding party. After the wedding bells have rung, you could even take a romantic boat ride on the river – the perfect way to celebrate your nuptials. After that, you can party late into the night in the luscious gardens.

Country Halls
If you have a large party attending your wedding, though, you might need a grand venue to suit your guests. Nestled in the heart of the countryside, you will find a few different country halls. These venues can cater to upwards of 500 guests, which mean that they suit extravagant occasions. Of all the Oxfordshire wedding venues in the region, there are a few that stick out. One of the halls here is unlike the others in that it looks just like a rustic castle. While the exterior is old, the interior is brand new. The owners have recently refurbished the inside of the building, meaning you truly get the best of both worlds. No matter what venue you choose, you can be sure that you will have the time of your life in this scenic county.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a car park for my guests at wedding venues in Oxfordshire?
Yes, a lot of our Oxfordshire wedding venues have parking spaces for you and your guests.

How many guests can Oxfordshire wedding venues hold?
Oxfordshire wedding venues can hold anything for a small to a large party for your wedding.

When is the best time of year to get married at wedding venues Oxfordshire?
We can get a good deal all year round, but it’s always cheaper to get married on a weekday.