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Cheap Wedding Venues and Deals in Leicestershire

Wedding Venues in Leicestershire

There is something utterly enthralling about planning your wedding. For most people, their wedding day will be the most special day of their entire lives. When it comes to choosing an ideal location for your event, you must look to the East of the country to find some glorious destinations. If you want to find an array of glorious wedding venues Leicestershire might just be perfect for you. With your impending nuptials just around the corner, you ought to begin your search in this fine area of the country.

No matter what you have in mind for the most important day of your life, there will be something that suits you in this region. The venues here are plentiful, which means that you can handpick the creme de la creme of venues with no trouble at all.

Surrounded by stunning countryside and hills, there is an indescribable atmosphere of romance here. The region is rich with greenery and eye-catching beauty. You can’t go far wrong if you choose one of the many venues in the area. In fact, Leicester has plenty of awe-inspiring options that you may wish to consider. From stately manors to country retreats, there will be a place that meets your every need and desire in this vast area. The location engulfs a massive forest area, which might make for an amazing setting. If you are at one with nature, you might find that you relish the idea of saying your vows in the hidden depths of the woods.

Whatever your budget or tastes can stretch to, you can find the ideal venue in this interesting part of the country. If you want a rural venue for your big day, some of the wedding venues in Leicestershire offer you just that. Many of the old manor houses, large homes and even grand hotels, now open their doors to plenty of parties each year. If you hope to find a venue that caters to your every desire, you ought to opt for a large venue. Nestled in among the hillsides, you can find loads of little beauty spots for your special event. Imagine yourself descending an epic staircase to greet your many guests as they arrive. Picture yourself dancing in an enormous hall with hundreds of friends around you. These mere dreams could be a reality soon enough.

Out of the many enticing Leicestershire wedding venues there are a few fabulous options that spring to mind. The area is famous for its views – something you will want to take advantage of when you host your wedding here. There is even a converted barn, where you might want to host your nuptials. There, you can surround yourself with natural beauty while enjoying some idyllic isolation. If you and your partner are sports enthusiasts, you may even want to hire an entire racecourse for your magical event. It might surprise you to learn that this idea is an option, but in Leicester, the sky’s the limit. After all, if you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do wedding venues in Leicestershire have a bridal suite?
Most Leicestershire wedding venues have a bridal suite for the bride to get dressed in and for the happy couple to stay in overnight.

Could I arrive by helicopter at a wedding venue in Leicestershire?
Yes, some Leicestershire wedding venues do have the facility to land a helicopter although please liaise with the wedding venue before booking the helicopter.

How many guests can a wedding venue in Leicestershire hold?
Most Leicestershire wedding venues can hold around 100 evening guests, although some are able to help with large party sizes of up to 500 guests.