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Wedding Venues in Cheshire

Cheshire has long been famous for its ancient charm, old-style houses and rustic feel. But, that’s not all that Cheshire has to offer. On the contrary, it is fast becoming a favourite wedding venue destination with many happy brides and grooms. The charming feel of Cheshire is something that many happy couples love. But, there is a wealth of amazing venues within Cheshire that are suit to suit every taste, budget and theme.

Barns, spas and old school house are prevalent in Cheshire. There are some truly fabulous venues that are sure to tick all of the right boxes. After all, the vintage wedding theme is taking the UK by storm. Where better to host a vintage style wedding than in one of the countrys most historic towns?

Barn venues, in particular, are exquisite within Cheshire. With landscaped gardens, lakes and stunning views of the beautiful Cheshire countryside, it’s a charming and delightful way to exchange vows. It’s the ultimate romantic setting. Imagine saying your I do’s in the spring time, with flowers budding and blooming at ever corner.

Spas, of course, are the best kind of Cheshire wedding venues if you prefer the finer things in life. With rolling gardens and grounds that are littered with stunning flora and fauna, spa hotels can give you a luxurious feel to your day. But, the fairy tale house is like something out of a classical children’s moving. It’s nothing short of opulent and grand. But, you don’t have to have hundreds of people in attendance to enjoy these types of stunning wedding venues in Cheshire. Rather, you can have the intimate day that you have always dreamed of. But, you can have it in a stunning spa hotel. What could be better than that?

It goes without saying that not all brides and grooms want to blow the budget on their wedding day. For a cheap wedding venue in Cheshire that still oozes sophistication, there are some stunning locations to choose from. Hotel weddings can be tailor made to suit your budgetary needs. After all, a bespoke wedding should not have to come at an enormous cost. One hotel, in particular, can be sought out to suit your needs. But, don’t think that you are compromising luxury over price. That is certainly not the case. A well stocked bar, next to the charming courtyard can provide you with all that you need to make your wedding a fantastic day to be had. Attention to detail is a must and wedding venues in Cheshire has got that covered. Luxury and opulence is a must. That’s certainly what you get in a Cheshire wedding venue. The picture perfect backdrop of the Cheshire countryside is sure to make more than a few happy memories.

For the more adventurous couple, why not get hitched in a grand marquis nestled in the Cheshire countryside? You can opt to have an elegant marquis wedding that is filled with fresh flowers, picked straight from the country. With lakes, starlit canopies and gorgeous garden sculptures, a marquis wedding is straight out of a fairy tale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of wedding venues in Cheshire do you work with?
We have a variety of Cheshire wedding venues such as manor houses, converted barns and hotels.

Can you email me with any new wedding deals in Cheshire?
Yes of course. Please enter your details in the above form “Venue Finder Service” and we will add your details to our database. Any new Cheshire wedding deals that we release you will be notified of by email.

Are Cheshire wedding venues able to accommodate large wedding parties?
Yes. We have wedding venues in Cheshire that we work with who are able to help with wedding parties up to 500 guests.